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Bicolour elastic sling to attach to ice axes.

Main features:

  • new dual arm model with carabiners, equipped with a small swivel that prevents the slings twisting;
  • designed for ice climbing without a leash, making it impossible to lose the ice axe;
  • the elasticity of the arms allows you to perform manoeuvres without hindrance.
Attention! Not to be used as a PPE.
This product is not intended for human support!
Troll and CT Hardware Partner

Why CT?

We have partnered with the Italian-based hardware manufacturer CT to bring some of the best climbing hardware available to the UK market  

Located in the Italian Alps, CT has over 35 years of experience in the design, manufacture and testing of personal protective equipment.

Their work is your safety. 

Years of experience and cutting-edge technologies are applied to the development and production of a wide range of equipment; from ice axes to via ferrata kits and anything else at home in the vertical.  

Looking for more information?

CT have Instructions and Technical documents on all their products. To find these please click on the button below and search for the product you are interested in.

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