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Troll are proud to have been making high quality outdoor equipment and clothing in the UK since 1965. Troll gear has helped our customers make it to the tallest, deepest, remotest and most challenging places on this planet – we hope it serves you well too – wherever you end up.


Our marketing leading climbing trousers 'The Omni' leads out our range of outdoor equipment as a marketing leading trouser.For the experienced and beginners alike there is something for everyone in our range.


Troll has always maintained close links with climbing industry. From producing the first climbing harness in the 60's to modern day we are still at the forefront of climbing technology making your climbs safer and more enjoyable.


Caving has always had a loyal and skilled following and our caving range of products are the best in the market. Designed to keep you safe no matter what level you are at or how deep you are going you can trust the Troll range.


Over the years we have helped out all the professional industries with products designed specifically for a certain jobs and if it is something new then we can design and develop and manufacture the solution .